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Teens pay it forward with ‘I am beautiful’ message

BOISE — A group of students from Anser Charter School are spreading a message that everyone has unique qualities and is beautiful. It’s all apart of the ‘I Am Beautiful’ movement, in which the teens pay compliments to strangers on the street.

The 7th and 8th graders recently took to the streets of downtown Boise with poster boards that read ‘I am _____ and beautiful.’ They gave compliments to people they met and asked them to fill in the blank on the poster board. Some of the responses they received included words like loyal, smart, and magical.

Simply put, the goal of the movement is to spread confidence.

“It’s really just all about making sure that people feel good about themselves,” said 8th grader Helen Martin. “Because we know that some of the biggest problems, especially with teen girls our age, is self image and worrying about their looks.”

The girls quickly learned self confidence is a problem for people of all ages, and that’s why they are reminding all people just how beautiful they really are.

“Everyone, no matter who you are or what your ethnicity is, your sexual orientation, or anything like that,” said Martin. “Just making sure they feel good about themselves.”

The girls also want those they impact to pay it forward by making someone else’s day. Each of them wears a bracelet as a reminder.

“The bracelets are for the pay it forward movement, and what they symbolize is you wear it once and you pay it forward you give it to the person,” said 8th grader Karlyn Dennis. “So there is a reminder for you to pay it forward to someone.”

This is just one of twenty Pay it Forward projects at Anser this year. The school is dedicated to building strong members of our community.

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