Staff from Bordier & Cie spearheaded a charity event that benefited 100 elderly persons from low income families

On the sunny Saturday morning of 28 November 2015, Bordier & CIE Singapore spearheaded a charity event that benefited 100 elderly persons from financially distressed backgrounds. Together with key stakeholders, this event was specially customized to meet the needs of the elderly beneficiaries. It was co-sponsored by Bordier & CIE Singapore and Singaporean business owners from JK Pacific Limited and Kaiousei Enterprise Pte Ltd.

Evrard Bordier, managing partner and staffs provided generous support for the event. Bordier Singapore undertakes the Pay It Forward initiative in Singapore, a program that encourages the momentum of spreading kindness and doing good in our communities. The bank has been involved in several Pay It Forward charitable projects since 2013 and is happy to collaborate with local business owners for a shared cause. Amidst their busy schedules and despite it being a Saturday morning, nine Bordier staff and ten staff representing the co-sponsors participated. With the shared objective of bringing joy and support to the disadvantaged and lonely elderly persons, a complimentary hair cut service, groceries and interactive games were organised for them.

The beneficiaries and co-sponsors expressed much positive feedback after the event. This collaboration reflects the Singaporean community’s maturing attitude and interest towards philanthropic acts and towards providing support to the needy. Bordier taps on this common interest to strengthen relationships with like-minded business partners and in so doing enhances our bank’s brand equity for the long term.

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